A Fully Connected Workflow

Methodology of commonsku Infographic Methodology of commonsku Infographic

The commonsku platform provides distributors and suppliers with a more efficient way to do business through our Connected Workflow. This Connected Workflow allows ideas and orders to be created in a fraction of the time, purchase orders to be entered seamlessly and results in fewer follow-up calls and emails.

How Does It Work?

Our Connected Workflow leverages commonsku’s patented processes combined with an integration with PromoStandards, allowing distributors to work with our suppliers on commonsku more efficiently.

Our integration with PromoStandards removes the friction of working with suppliers and gives distributors access to:

Live Inventory

Live Product Data with Customer Specific Pricing

Electronic POs (ePOs)

Order Status Updates

Shipping Notifications

Why is a Connected Workflow so important?

Our Connected Workflow is designed to make the entire sales cycle as frictionless as possible.

At ideation, distributors spend less time searching for products and suppliers leverage their product knowledge through our Collaborate, Collections, and Community features, resulting in better ideas, faster.

Distributors create worry-free sales orders, in a fraction of the time, with accurate inventory, pricing, and product data from their suppliers partners in commonsku.

When an order is sent to production, suppliers receive electronic purchase orders from distributors resulting in quicker turnaround time and fewer order errors. Distributors spend less time on follow-up calls and emails with automatic order status and shipping notifications.

Our Connected Workflow builds trust and transparency between distributors and suppliers.

commonsku's Connected Workflow Icons

Working With Connected Suppliers

Our Connected Workflow gives you the opportunity to engage with these suppliers from the very start, at ideation when you need their expertise the most to help you find the right products for your project.

That engagement continues all the way through production with our PromoStandards integration. This Connected Workflow makes the entire sales cycle seamless and friction-free with real-time product data, live inventory, order status, and shipment notifications directly in commonsku.

Work with 100+ of the most powerful suppliers in the industry on commonsku including: