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Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2003, by Kate Ivory, GIDI Promotions has since organically and intentionally grown from just Kate herself, to a team of 8 employees.

“I came out of main-stream media sales,” says Kate, “ radio, print out of home, stuff like that. And I was tired of being judged solely by our numbers and ratings. I had purchased branded goods in those roles and often felt disappointed with what was in the box when I received the order.”

Kate has always been a firm believer that you can’t complain about something unless you are prepared to be a part of the solution, and with that in mind she set out to start a distributorship that would do things differently for it’s clients.

And that included their technology! Before commonsku GIDI Promotions was using several different platforms to create presentations and pricing, preventing them from presenting a consistent image. They were living in excel and processing complex orders with multiple decoration styles and suppliers without a system to support them. The re-keying of information was adding hours of work, countless errors, and frustration to their workflow.

How would Kate describe their workflow now with commonsku? “Easy Peasy! Our sales team has so much of their time freed and our numbers have continues to improve year over year. Game changer.”

Kate reflects, “It’s hard to name just one favorite thing about the commonsku platform! I love the look and feel of it, and the uniformity it shows our clients. On top of that I love how easy it is to add artwork and pricing, and the amount of time we save on order entry and not having to re-key information has been monumental. I really LOVE that my team and I can work from anywhere!”

Not only does her team love it, Kate’s customers are raving as well, “they love the portals that allow them to enter and see what is going on with their orders at any time. It makes it so much easier for them, and gives them that ‘amazon-like’ feeling of following along with their order.”

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