Give your Clients Visibility and Control

Client and Project Portals allow your clients to easily view all current and past orders in one place, easily place reorders or start a new project.

client portal

View Everything in One Place

Client Portals can be used as an area to merchandise ideas specific to your client, or to a theme across many clients.

Project Portals have a history of your project communications (emails, presentation comments, etc..) and give your client order status visibility.

vector illustrator of two people managing the project

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Want to learn more about Client Portals?

commonsku is an effortless business management platform that empowers you to process more orders and handle more business. Learn more about our Client Portals and other game changing features!

What to expect from your 1-on-1:

  • A 15 minute discussion of your business process
  • A review of our Client Portals feature
  • An understanding if commonsku is the right fit for your business