A Pain-Free Process

commonsku’s Decorator Matrix makes custom orders a breeze

decorating a t-shirt

Pre-build Tables for Quicker Estimates

You hear it all the time from clients… “I need this shirt with a logo on the sleeve, three color options, and how much for you to fold and bag?”. Unfortunately, your estimate just got a whole lot more convoluted.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Leave the headaches in the past. commonsku’s Decorator Matrix allows you to pre-build run charge & fixed charge tables for all your most common decoration options with your favorite suppliers. Then, you and your team can quickly add customizations to any client order and continue with your sale.

vector illustrator of two people calculating charges

Give your team an edge with commonsku

A platform that puts you on top and a community that keeps you there. It’s no wonder why over 750 distributors choose commonsku.

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