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Joseph Sommer

Director, New Business Development

On commonsku since



10 - 20


New York, NY



Joseph Sommer is a young entrepreneur who founded Whitestone Branding in 2013, a boutique branded products agency based in New York City. Whitestone Branding’s growth has propelled them onto Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., not just once, but twice.

As Joseph grew his business, he faced challenges with having to focus while being pulled in a million directions. When he joined commonsku, he knew instantly it was vital to help him grow exponentially. Commonsku provided the much needed insight and visibility into his business, via tags, reports, and statuses, that allowed him to make informed decisions fast.

The best part about commonsku according to Joe? Impressing his customers on the daily. He noted, “commonsku is sexy to customers. The world is digital, the world's online, and commonsku allows your business to engage with clients, they can approve orders quickly and comment on presentations, that's a feature that we never had before. It’s fresh, new, different. It allows us to look really sophisticated. Deep diving into commonsku and embracing it for all it is makes us look and operate bigger, more robust.

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