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Customer Growth Journey with Tugboat Inc.

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Chrystal Barry

Account Manager

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Napa, California



When looking for software to run their business, the team at Tugboat Inc., based in Napa, California knew they were chasing increased efficiency, better communication, and heightened organization…but could one platform really achieve it all?

“From an efficiency perspective, having everything we need in one place instead of Frankenstein-ing together a system has been a huge time saver for the entire sales order process from pitching a client to invoicing. From a communication perspective, the ease of communicating through commonsku with team members, vendors, and clients is great! All the communication is attached to the project which makes it easier to reference and limits the room for error or confusion. From an organizational perspective, having the client files attached to the client's profiles and each individual order is wonderful! It makes repeat orders a breeze and also helps when we need to jump in and help with other reps' orders. We have all the information and previous communication in one place so there is no extra work trying to figure out details.”

The feature she can’t live without? The Production Report! This commonsku tool provides Chrystal and the rest of the team at Tugboat with a watchtower to keep track of every step of the order process. With the insights commonsku provides, gone are the days of worrying about orders slipping through the cracks, and instead the team at Tugboat has a newfound confidence in monitoring their orders from presentation to invoicing.

“From a production standpoint, the tools we have to stay organized, complete all tasks, and traffic orders, are saving us so much time. This in turn frees us up to do follow-ups and reach-outs to grow our business and increase profits. It’s hard to answer what commonsku has done to help us the most because it has helped our business in so many ways!” Chrystal adds, “The Production Report is WONDERFUL! It has solidified a very easy, time-saving, error-free, workflow process. I love that I can use the Production Report to keep track of every step of the order, this feature, and commonsku in general, has been a complete game changer for me as an Account Manager.”

Her advice for making the switch to commonsku? The discomfort of change is well worth the benefits of making commonsku your technology partner! She reflects, “The short-term learning curve is worth ALL the benefits that commonsku provides for us as a company, our vendors, and most importantly our clients. The support team at commonsku is very helpful and responsive if you need to reach out and their on-demand training resources through commonsku University are so great you may find you don’t need support much at all!”

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