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Located in Richmond, VA, TK Promotions is constantly growing with eight full time employees currently. Founded in 2008 they were two people, a home office, and a desire to run a business that felt like family. Since then, TK Promotions has expanded into real offices in Richmond and Northern Virginia and has a team that brings more than fifty years of experience to the table. Still, the business operates like family: for them, it’s not just a bag, it’s a relationship.

As TK Promotions grew, they needed a platform that would facilitate and assist in that growth. In 2019 TK Promotions was included on the INC 5000 list and they aim to continue not only growing the company but also develop the relationships and partnerships that are foundational to the business. They found the commonsku platform is incredibly easy to use while offering a helpful and responsive support team.

Todd Mawyer, President and CEO of TK Promotions commented, “Implementation of commonsku at TK Promotions started in early 2016 and now is an integral part of the company. It allowed us to move from a static paper system to a collaborative, interactive digital system.” He added, “commonsku has become a unique identifier for us in the promotional product space in Virginia. It sets us apart and allows us to be collaborative with the industry as well as our clients and our vendors. It has simplified processes so that we are now able to focus more on growing our company and brand.”

And they aren’t slowing down anytime soon! When asked about their future Todd remarked, “our goal is to grow 25-30% per year moving forward. commonsku has aided our growth tremendously and will continue to help from both a community standpoint, giving us the ability to lean on partners in the community for ideas, and from a processing system standpoint, it has helped streamline our processes. It creates a space for open dialog within the industry as well as providing a foundation to easily learn vendor and client communications.”

Todd’s book reco for fellow promo entrepreneurs? Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman.

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