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Customer Growth Journey with STS Brand

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Fredrick Daniels


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Paola Espitia


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The education market is the third largest client sector for the $24 billion dollar promotional products industry, and Fredrick Daniels and Paola Espitia built STS Brand to focus specifically on this opportunity.

Because few schools at the high school level have a specific staff member for procurement, STS Brand was able to use this to their advantage, create a strong relationship and partnership with the school, and become a one-stop shop for all of their promotional needs.

Because of their background in systems management, the founding team at STS Brand was hungry for an automation and workflow system that would fit their business needs. This business is complex, and they needed to figure out how to channel all of the order management tools they needed with the energy and collaboration that comes with the promotional products community. commonsku had just the workflow they were looking for.

Frederick remarked, “Without commonsku, we would not have been able to make the growth that we've had this past year because we wouldn't have had a tool and a system in place to underpin all of the work that we're doing here in the office. It has been instrumental, an essential part of our growth.

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