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Learn How SnugZ USA Uses commonsku to Demonstrate Creative Responsiveness to Problems

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Cody Belnap

Social Mastermind / Brand Strategist




Lanyards, Manufacturing, Lean Process, Personal Care, Promo, Promotional Products, Promotional Supplier, Essential Oil, Leather, and Custom Shoes


West Jordan, UT


How does commonsku land deals and enhance relationships? We asked Cody Belnap, Social Mastermind and Brand Strategist at Top 40 Supplier Snugz, he replied:

“About a month ago, Amy Hasseman of Hasseman Marketing & Communications, was seeking out 5,000 screen printed lanyards with a bulldog clip and clear vinyl pouch that needed to be in Ohio in two weeks. She expressed frustration within the commonsku community feed about not being able to connect with a supplier to put in a simple order for lanyards. In just a few minutes we had her connected with the SnugZ sales team so she could place the order. This interaction greatly enhanced our relationship with Amy and Hasseman Marketing & Communications and will lead to future sales.”

“commonsku is fun to use because it fosters genuine interaction between suppliers and distributors.” Cody continued. “Conversations are not solely based around promotional products, but also around new ideas for your business, inspiration, news, productivity and more.”

“Collaborate is my favorite feature…it’s easy…to suggest products to distributors who have asked for help.”

Cody Belnap, Social Mastermind/Brand Strategist

For a distributor, time is of the essence, if they do not find a solution in a timely manner, they could likely lose the business. Every project is make-or-break. There are no unimportant orders in the life of a distributor.

Demonstrating creative responsiveness also serves a public audience. When Cody responded to Amy’s project, the responsiveness was seen and appreciated by more than just Amy. Many a distributor makes a mental note when they see a supplier who is responsive, they know who to turn to next, when in a jam.

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