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How commonsku Helped Screenbroidery Grow Over 500% in One Year

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Thomas Rector

CEO and Founder




10 - 20


Making screen print, embroidery, and promo products sexy again! We're more than your average apparel and promo product shop.


Indianapolis, IN



ScreenBrodiery is now in it’s 9th year. They’ve experienced rapid growth and are constantly evolving as a company, finding new ways to be different, unique and special. They strive to find unique ways to incorporate new technologies into their business. They have two locations, 12 employees and currently run and manage 130 online stores. They are also piloting a franchise model for micro stores to do small runs of products very quickly.

Because we are growing so rapidly, we struggled with aligning all of the moving parts of our business. We were at a pivotal point in the growth pattern and tasks were taking up too much time, errors were being made and the workload was piling up. We tried a few order management systems before that tried to accomplish a lot and failed miserably. We never found anything that could help us accomplish everything we wanted to do until commonsku. It’s help us be able to be flexible and bent with us to help us grow.

“We have grown 500% this year and commonsku has allowed us to scale in that manner. commonsku has saved us so much time.”

Thomas Rector, CEO and Founder

commonsku is so easy to use and because of this training new employees and sales reps has be great. We like how commonsku integrates with ESP for product searching. The software helps us protect our margins because we can see all the numbers right in front of us through the reports. The presentations, orders and invoices looks great when they’re sent out compared to old school, ugly looking invoices. They also eliminate room for error because we don’t have to re-key information.

commonsku has allowed us to communicate unilaterally and create an order management role to follow the production side and be able to track everything as it’s right there at your fingertips. As a business owner I really love the dashboard because I can see not only what I’m doing, but what the sales and order management teams are doing, allowing us to make better decisions on the cash flow side. I can see the pipeline and know what everyone is working on and what is going out, which is extremely important when we’re processing over 100 orders a day.

We have grown 500% this year and commonsku has allowed us to scale in that manner. commonsku has saved us so much time. Our salespeople are more productive, presentation options are awesome and creating a reorder is a snap. Cheques and balances are awesome - once our clients have clicked the green button it's very visible that they are signing off on it and collections have gotten stronger because the commitment is there so we can track our true margins much better.

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