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Customer Growth Journey with The Promo Addict Inc.

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Founded in 2015, the Promo Addict was born out of a downturn in the oil economy in Alberta, Canada. Russell Bird, owner of the company, recalls, “I started as a solopreneur in my basement and quickly grew to have our first office. We have been in the 10 fastest growing promo companies in Canada twice in the last three years.” By focussing on making great promo, and communicating exceptionally with their customers, Promo Addict was able to create strong relationships with their customers that lead to a high number of customer referrals.

The Promo Addict made the leap and joined commonsku when they were a mere 5 months old! In their infancy, without a formal process for their workflow, they were using excel spreadsheets and 3 digit POs to get by while looking for an inclusive solution to their order management. Since implementing commonsku, The Promo Addict has presented over 18,000 opportunities!

Russell commented, “It’s hard to choose a favorite feature of the platform, but I love the reporting. Being able to run detailed sales reports to show historical sales and accurate data on current sales is really helpful to managing the growth of our company and predicting cash flow.”

Using commonsku, Russell and his team are able to manage their entire workflow from start to finish with complete visibility. From presentation, to estimate, sales order, and right through to invoicing! Russell notes, “thanks to commonsku my sales reps have managed to pry all sales opportunities out of my hands, so I can focus on the bigger picture. I feel comfortable with it because I have complete visibility into their workflow. I never thought I would be able to let go of sales, but here we are with me working ON my company instead of IN it.”

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