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Learn How Maple Ridge Farms Uses commonsku to Listen, Learn and Engage

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Jodie Schillinger

Director of Customer Care




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Mosinee, WI


Maple Ridge is a supplier who not only shares compelling, engaging content, but invests in the community by being fully present, everyday, which leads to sales:

“Lorraine with buzztag just won the cheese package giveaway we ran on commonsku,” writes Nikki James, the Social Media Marketing Coordinator for Maple Ridge Farms, “buzztag is new to us and this could lead to a solid new relationship.”

“I feel like the distributors we meet on commonsku ‘get it,’ Nikki said. “They’re not order takers; they’re idea generators, brand builders, and marketing consultants. commonsku offers a unique environment to interact and connect with distributors across North America. We can suggest ideas and products to distributors who can easily add them to client presentations or request additional information. It’s a laid-back, professional environment where relationships can sprout and grow into full-on partnerships (and we love the shout out feature!)”

"Distributors we meet on commonsku get it."

Nikki James, Social Media Marketing Coordinator

“Considering there are several layers to relationship building, getting social sometimes is not enough,” writes Maple Ridge Farms’ Jodie Schillinger, Director of Customer Care. “In the commonsku community we listen, learn and engage regarding new product and what’s trending, and it’s a direct pipeline to what the end buyers are looking for.”

“The commonsku social platform allows a good social listener to become in-tune with everyone’s communication style. From here we can work the social platform together and conversations weave like a fine-tuned basket-making circle! We then have the opportunity to take that relationship one step further and participate in the events offered by the commonsku (such as, skucamp, skucon, etc). The events offer individuals the opportunity to solidify the relationships they have made through the platforms. I have been so fortunate to meet a genuine tribe of supportive people during these events! This has really helped us establish another way of doing business together…one that evokes stories, learning, trust and friendship. We are fortunate that along this journey, we are able to then do business together!”

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