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Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, ITC4Promos was founded in 1898 by Larry Manshel’s great grandfather. For roughly 90 years manufactured tickets, tags and labels and in 1989 ITC4Promos made the decision to sell their manufacturing plant and utilize their unique experience and expertise within the industry to their advantage.

Larry adds, “over the next 20 years we changed from a 95%-5% split of traditional printing vs. promotional product printing to a 85%-15% promotional product printing vs. traditional printing. We are also now a woman owned business that I co-own with my wife Elizabeth and daughter Margaret Rose, who is a 5th generation owner.”

Larry and his team have always stressed the importance of relationships with their clients, employees, and supplier partners when it comes to ITC4Promos, with two of their core values being dedication and loyalty with anyone they work with or for.

Larry shared, “We are sticklers for processes and procedures and the fact that commonsku helps make that seamless is our best compliment. Our clients get familiar with how our process works and we work together so everything is done in a timely manner. Not only does it achieve our goal, to make the buying experience easier, but our presentations, estimates, orders, etc. are cohesive, easy to understand and we can get them to our clients quickly.”

commonsku has given the ITC4Promos team an edge over their competitors in many ways; efficiency, reporting, forecasting, client feedback. Larry added, “I was visiting one of our best financial clients and discussing their recent partnership with an online company that provided their checks and other banking products and how the upper brass was pushing them to use them for promotional products. They explained that not only was our service and pricing a thousand times better than the online company but ‘that the buying experience was so easy they wished all their vendors could be so great and efficient to work with.’ We created a raving fan of the commonsku platform.”

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