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It’s a David and Goliath story: Small-but-progressive distributor wins six-figure program away from one of the biggest uniform companies in the world.

Laurel Ferrell and her business partner, Shawn McCarthy, own IMM (Intentional Merch & Marketing) and are based out of Mt. Pleasant, SC. As they continue to grow their business and land larger accounts, Laurel and Sean needed a simple and seamless technology solution to organize their orders and maintain a professional appearance with their customers.

commonsku Shops, specifically commonsku Pop-Up Shops have been an integral part of IMM’s success. They’re able to quickly and easily set up a Pop-up Shop through commonsku and set deadlines and spending limits, in minutes. Laurel and Sean love that once the Shop closes they’re able to seamlessly create a PO from the orders, and their clients love the personalized experience and user-friendly interface.

With the commonsku Shops feature in their tool belt, Laurel, Sean, and the entire IMM team is excited to take on the growth of their business!

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