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Customer Growth Journey with Indigo Promotions

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Ethan Dowie

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While creating their presentations in google docs; spending hours adding products and aiming to make themselves look professional in front of their clients, Indigo Promotions, headed by CEO Ethan Dowie, knew there had to be a better way.

“It was honestly a nightmare. We were doing things probably the worst way possible and it took forever to create a presentable group of product ideas for our clients,” Ethan recalls of their old way of creating presentations.

Ethan and his team wanted to be able to deliver more to their clients, from product breadth to custom design, and began their search for a platform that could deliver on all fronts.

Enter: commonsku Smart Presentations.

Armed with the presentation tools offered by the commonsku platform, Ethan and his team are able to go above and beyond for their clients, without the effort. Ethan notes, “our process now that we have commonsku Smart Presentations starts with training our team to go above and beyond for every presentation…because commonsku makes it easy and quick to do so! No matter if our clients ask for one item or ten, we always try to be helpful and show them any others that may go along with their theme or project…we truly become their product expert. We’ll even have multiple people collaborating on a presentation, and adding ideas to it, to make sure it’s optimized for our client.”

Undoubtedly, Ethan and the team at Indigo Promotions now have an efficient way to get ideas to their clients, and through their workflow, without the frustrations of being disconnected as a team.

And their clients have noticed their professionalism as well! Ethan shares, “Our clients love our presentations, plain and simple. My favorite is when we have a new client reviewing their first presentation and the email I receive back just being like ‘wow dude you really know what you’re doing!’”

While presentation capabilities were what drew Ethan and his team to the commonsku platform, they were blown away by the arsenal of additional features that the technology offered, he added, “the presentations alone would be enough for me to make the switch to commonsku to be honest, but the fact that it also has every piece of the order processing puzzle as well should be a eureka moment for all distributors to move over. When I’m hyping up commonsku I usually explain that what it does really well is connect everything together. Without it each step took so long and made order processing my least favorite…now I actually enjoy every step, and so do my employees!”

Ethan and his team at Indigo Promotions are now well on their way, diving into each aspect of the platform, staying up to date on software updates, and delivering best in class service to their clients with commonsku as their technology partner.

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