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Customer Growth Journey with Goodson Clothing & Supply Co.

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When looking for a project-based platform to manage their company, the team at Goodson Clothing & Supply Co. based in Louisville, Kentucky knew they had found their perfect fit after they evaluated commonsku’s connected workflow.

Brett Kavanagh, Customer Guide at Goodson Clothing & Supply Co. notes, “From project creation to invoicing, it was clear commonsku offered the ability to house all of our information under one roof from start to finish. To put it simply, since joining commonsku the biggest difference we’ve noticed as a company is workflow optimization.”

“I spend most of my time on the Sales Dashboard page. It’s definitely my home base where I’m constantly filtering through the status of reminders, open sales orders, potential opportunities, etc.,” says Brett. Without the mental load of worrying about orders slipping through the cracks, or missing deadlines, the team at Goodson can get back to what they do best, serving their incredible clients and selling, thanks to commonsku’s Dashboards. Brett adds, “I could NOT function without the use of the reminders system. For every project that I create, I am able to utilize commonsku’s project tasks as a way of ensuring that opportunities, deadlines, and normal day-to-day needs do not get lost or forgotten about.”

Making any change, especially a software change can be daunting and challenging…so why make the switch to commonsku? In Brett’s opinion: “Any leap into a new system can be challenging, but I can say with a strong degree of certainty that you will be surrounded with a plethora of help and resources. Not only does commonsku house a library of best practices, but it also provides ongoing tools and resources that will help you as you continue to get integrated into the system. The support team at commonsku is quick to help with any questions you may have and the newsfeed portion of the platform is always reeling with vendors and distributors who are willing to answer any questions at the drop of a hat.”

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