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Learn how Chameleon Like uses commonsku to land new accounts.

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Alex Symms

National Accounts / Digital Marketing Manager




Journals, notebooks, binders, folders, and other desk accessories


Gilroy, CA


Alex Symms, National Accounts and Digital Marketing Manager for Chameleon Like said, “When a collaborate project hits our screen, it’s a great opportunity for us to pitch targeted products for the event (then lead into a call-to-action afterward). This approach allows us to bring our expertise to the forefront and take the stress off the distributor on finding a product so they can focus on selling, rather than long, hard hours of researching product, quality, and reliability of a supplier.”

Alex continued, “We collaborate on many projects … it has opened doors with distributors who would not have ever contacted us personally, helps us get exposure to new distributors in which we weren’t aware of, and just makes us feel like we are giving back to the commonsku community by helping guide distributors into the right direction with product ideas.” Not only does collaboration shorten the sales cycle but the platform also serves as a vital conduit to the industry, Alex explained:

“It has opened doors with distributors who would not have ever contacted us personally.”

Alex Symms, National Accounts / Digital Marketing Manager

“I personally use commonsku not just to prospect potential opportunities to provide product ideas for an upcoming project, but also use it to learn trends in the industry, listen to podcasts, even occasionally to have a little fun and see what’s going on in the community. It’s a great tool to quickly introduce new capacities, products, and offer expertise. commonsku gives us the opportunity to provide a seamless industry platform, allowing us to collaborate in a social network and still do our day to day without leaving the office chair. It fits us perfectly!”

Inside the walls of a distributor office, referrals rule. Where do distributors turn to first, when sourcing a product or looking for a collaboration partner? They turn to their trusted colleagues. Every new project opportunity is a new beginning for a long-term customer relationship.

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