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About Our Ambassadors

Ambassadors like you are what make commonsku tick. You bring our software to your network of colleagues to help them streamline, grow and level-up their business. You’ve been sharing your love for commonsku and we want to show our love for you!

Who You Are

You are a customer of commonsku - either one of our incredible distributors or suppliers.

Here’s How It Works

Submit a qualified referral, and enjoy the benefits that come your way!

  1. Refer a friend, a colleague or anyone else in your network to commonsku.
  2. Earn a $50 USD MediaTree gift for your first qualified referral.
  3. Advance to the next tier when your referrals become commonsku customers!

Your Benefits

  • 1 Qualified Referral = $50 USD Media Tree Gift Card
  • 3 Qualified Referrals = Exclusive commonsku merch
  • 5 Qualified Referrals = Exclusive commonsku merch kit
  • 10 Referrals = Ticket to a commonsku event

Referral Requirements

  1. Referrals must be distributor companies in the promotional products industry.
  2. A referral cannot be an existing prospect or customer of commonsku.
  3. All referrals will be checked in our database prior to approval.
  4. Referrals will be connected with our sales team to discuss their commonsku opportunities.

How to Join

  1. Sign up using your work email address.
  2. Once approved, you can start submitting your referrals for the coolest prizes!
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